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Called To Serve PDF (Normally $2.00)

From the Foreward Called to Serve is a collection of inspired writings I?ve put together here for the reader. I believe these convey the spirit of caring not only in nursing, but in service of .... read more

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HPA Family Guide to Hospice Care E-BOOK PDF (Normally $2.99)

A complete guide to hospice and end-of-life services, explaining the standards of care and how to get the very best services. Learn what NO hospice will tell you!
Learn what the exact regulations
.... read more

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Restoring the Culture of Life (Normally $2.00)

This book explains how each one of us can help to promote and restore the culture of life in our lives in the community and in the healthcare setting. People wonder how to "fix" what is going wrong in .... read more

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Stealth Euthanasia: Health Care Tyranny In America (Normally $2.00)

PDF Version: This is the story of the intentionally "below-the-radar" changes that have been aggressively pursued in our society for decades. Because these changes are not covered by the major media in .... read more

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The Heart of End-Of-Life Care (Normally $2.99)

The inspired essays contained in The Heart Of End-Of-Life Care reveal the mission of hospice and end-of-life care and expose the dangers threatening the industry and the public in the 21st century.
.... read more

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