How It Works

The Coupon Code Shack

The Coupon Code Shack is an online store where you can purchase nearly 3,000 different popular software items at a discounted price.

Our main aim is to get YOU, the customer, as good a deal as is humanly possible on your software needs, and you will find some great discounts of up to 70% in the shack.

When you click one of the 'Buy Now' links in the shack, you will be directed straight to the secure checkout where you will be able to purchase your software at its discounted price. You don't need to register with us first, you don't need to paste any long codes into a box, and our coupons ALWAYS work.

It's that easy!

The shack has a great search facility, but if there's some software you want that you can't find in the shack, just get in touch and we'll try to get it for you at a great price.

About Us

We act as an affiliate for the Avangate network who provide sales processing and order management for software publishers and authors. Whenever you click through one of our links and complete a purchase, we earn a commission on that sale.

As a way of saying thank you, we are able to generate coupon codes for all of the products in our store, and our coupon codes enable you to buy your software at a discounted price. We still earn a commission on the sale, just not as much as we'd have earned if you'd paid full price, the software publisher still earns the same from the sale, and, of course, you get your favourite software at a great price!

All of the software items in the Coupon Code Shack are genuine, original products, and come with the full support and money-back guarantee of their publishers.