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News of the Past Professional

News of the Past Professional, ”What happened on the Day You Were Born” client marketing software. Each print includes content from 18 categories like news headlines, sports, science and technology, entertainment, politics, and cost-of-living then-versus-now comparisons with graphing.


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Category: Personal Info Managers
Publisher: Spectrum Unlimited LLC
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Product Description

Client Birthday Software – The Personal Touch is more important now than ever. This software is the perfect tool for customer outreach. It builds strong customer relationships. Sharing with clients “What Happened on the Day They Were Born” is a powerful concept and builds client retention. Sending standard greeting cards ? – STOP WASTING YOUR TIME News of the Past is a proven marketing tool because clients love our greetings! Since we first created News of the Past software in 1987 for DOS, well before Windows, we’ve been listening to all the ideas and suggestions sent our way and in this 2008 special release, News of the Past Professional, we have incorporated everything we’ve learned, with new features and designs based on what our customers asked for, so you can customize your greetings to the nth degree! What you get... Graphing, yes graphing. A complete database editor opens the content so you can make changes and additions. Export and import features for client names, addresses, and email address. You can import from Excel or any ascii comma delimited text file. You can print Birthday, Anniversary and custom occasion greetings. You will also find a powerful desktop publisher for importing pictures, modifying fonts, colors and more. Store client names, addresses, email address in the customer database. Use the built-in birth date reminder to list upcoming birthdays, then batch process greetings sending to your printer, through your email client, or save to PDF files you can attach to email messages. And we are just getting started. This field is not long enough to list every feature. If you need more information, if you want to view print samples, please visit



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