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Product Description

Family Health Care Manager (FHCM) can help you manage all aspects of your family?s medical conditions and expenses. Know exactly what you owe to providers, what your insurance company owes you, and which claims you need to submit. FHCM?s innovative dashboard view tells you at a glance the status of all your medical finances and benefits, and lets you quickly see exactly which visits you need to submit and which you?re waiting for your insurer to process. Track your deductibles and see if you?ve reached your out of pocket maximum. Know at a glance how many physical therapy visits you have left. You?ll save money by tracking medical bills, reimbursements, payments, and tax deductions. FHCM can save you time and reduce stress by helping you keep all your information organized. Family Health Care Manager? lets you record, track, analyze, and generate reports on your family?s medical history, medical expenses, and insurance activities. FHCM? can track medical provider visits, personal medical observations, insurance claims, explanation of benefit statements (EOBs), symptoms, conditions, medications, services, insurance plans, and flexible spending plans (FSAs). Seamlessly track symptoms, treatment, diagnosis and procedure codes, lab results, and physical exams. You can enter your own observations of symptoms and link them to ongoing conditions. Medical history related to provider visits and your own observations are completely integrated. You can quickly see how many times your child had an ear infection last year or what your blood pressure was the last 3 times it was checked either by you or your physician. Find all the times you experienced a particular symptom, and what medications were prescribed. And unlike other programs that ask you to submit private information to their web site to get comparative pricing information (and to trust that it will remain private), FHCM keeps your data on your computer. Here are some of FHCM?s most innovative features: ? Easy entry of healthcare provider visits ? as much or as little detail as you like ? Track bills, insurance payments, write-offs, and your own payments ? Easy entry of in-network (copay only) visits ? Multiple ?installment? payments per visit ? Instantly see balances with all your providers ? Enter ?statement? payments toward provider balance and optionally assign them to unpaid visits ? Quickly find expenses that need to be submitted for reimbursement ? Identify claims that haven?t been processed ? Flag claims that were denied or in dispute so you can come back to them ? Designate providers as in or out of network, allowing intelligent calculation of deductibles and OOP expenses. ? Automatically track services that your insurance company limits and get a warning when you are running out of your allowance for that service! ? Track non-provider expenses such as fitness benefits or durable medical equipment ? Easily track EOBs, Insurance Claims, and Flexible Spending Account Claims and Balances ? Intelligent calculation of expense eligibility for FSA reimbursement ? Track remaining balance on FSAs. FHCM warns you if you haven?t used up your contribution as year-end approaches or if you still you have visits to submit as the deadline for submission of claims is approaching! ? Innovative dashboard view quickly shows you the status of deductibles and OOP expenses, claims requiring your attention, provider balances, and FSA status. FHCM shows you what needs your attention most!



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Supported Operating Systems

Windows 7, Windows 8

Minimum System Requirements

Pentium 4/AMD Athlon or higher; 1 GB of RAM; 100 MB free disk space; SVGA (768 x 1024) or higher resolution video adapter and display; Windows 7, Windows 8

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