Players Software

4-MP3 (Normally $29.95)

4-MP3 is a database created for a storage and search of the information on the collection MP3, WAV, VQF and other sound files. If you have one thousand or more files with music, 4-MP3 will help you .... read more

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All Pack(office) (Normally $39.95)

Convert Pdf to Xls is the leading Pdf converter, letting you convert the Pdf files into Excel Spreadsheets (Xls) easily and accurately. The professional software gives users the ability to perform the Pdf .... read more

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AxelCD (Normally $19.95)

AxelCD is a very attractive CD Player with slick-looking GUI and various visual effects.

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Pistonsoft Text to Speech Converter (Normally $19.95)

Convert any text into audible voice. Pistonsoft Text to Speech Converter reads any text aloud in many languages with a voice of your choice. The advanced text to speech engine makes it easy to speak texts, .... read more

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Virtual DJ Studio (Normally $49.95)

A virtual mixing console for playing and crossfading mp3 and wav files. Also supports VDJ, M3U, and PLS playlists, and automatically crossfades the songs. Also features SmartRandom, to ensure no repeats .... read more

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