Mathematics Software

Bolt Circle Calculator (Normally $5.00)

Calculate bolt circles with up to 3000 equally spaced points and up to 36 variably spaced points. The centre of the circle can be X0Y0 or any other coordinates. The bolt circle coordinates can be saved for .... read more

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Trigonometry Calculator (Normally $5.00)

Application to easily and quickly solve right angle triangle problems. Ideal for students, machinists, carpenters and other trades. Lineal values can be converted between inch and metric, and access to the .... read more

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FindGraph (Normally $99.95)

FindGraph is comprehensive graphing, curve fitting, and digitizing tool. The program offers 12 generic fits, including linear regression, logistic functions, fourier approximation, neural networks, .... read more

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Matrix Calculator Pro (Normally $39.95)

Matrix calculator Pro is a practical math tool to calculator real matrix and complex matrix. As you see, it' s easy, various, and effectual. Download and try it. Function: Matrix inverse.Matrix .... read more

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Oberon Function Plotter for CorelDRAW (Normally $25.00)

This is a macro for CorelDRAW 10/11 that allows you to enter parametric function formulae in the form of x=x(t) and y=y(t) and create the plot of the function right inside CorelDRAW document. Virtually .... read more

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