Desktop Enhancements Software

Auto Screenshot Maker 3.0 (Normally $14.95)

Auto Screenshot Maker is a screen capture tool for Windows users. In just a single click or hotkey press, you can make a perfect screenshot for a website, user manual, or a presentation. The tool captures .... read more

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Turbo Type (Normally $20.00)

Imagine Typing Every Sentence with Half as Many Keystrokes as Usual. Turbo Type adds the word prediction feature to all text editors. This is not just about selecting words from a dictionary. Turbo Type is .... read more

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Doshometer (Normally $10.00)

Doshometer is a fun Windows program that shows you how much money you' re earning, second-by-second. The animated odometer-style display counts up your earnings, based on a configurable hourly, weekly .... read more

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TrayIcon Pro (Normally $22.00)

TrayIcon Pro is a Windows 95/NT 32-bit application that was developed to let you quickly run your favorite applications and folders directly from the system tray. TrayIcon Pro lets you add icons for .... read more

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DeskTool (Normally $15.00)

DeskTool is a desktop toolbar designed to give you easy access to frequently used applications by displaying an organized row of buttons from which to choose. DeskTool is tightly integrated into the .... read more

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Face Capturix (Normally $9.00)

With this software you can search for faces in your photos, Face Capturix will look for faces in your pictures, detect and compare with the face you want to search. This is the world first face search .... read more

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Ashampoo Gadge It (Normally $14.99)

Ashampoo Gadge It enables you to create individual desktop applications (gadgets) and browser menus even for Windows XP. With a gadget you gain easier and quicker access to, for example, the folder with .... read more

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Ashampoo Snap 10 (Normally $49.99)

Ashampoo Snap 10 captures your screen contents as images and videos. Various post-processing tools that include graphical elements, symbols and effects help you convey lots of information through a
.... read more

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Atomic Time 3001 PC Sound Alarm Cuckoo Clock (Normally $9.97)

Atomic Time Machine 3001 - The Ultimate Computer Time Piece. This Computer Clock Software will adjust your computer' s time to Atomic Time from the National Institute of Standards and Technology in .... read more

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Convert Pdf to Image Pro (Normally $49.95)

Convert Pdf to Image Pro is an excellent Pdf conversion tool that can convert Pdf files (Website included) to a large variety of Image file formats at a very high speed. It can produce kinds of image files .... read more

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